138 – 7th  Ave.  N.W.

Swift Current, Saskatchewan  

S9H 5N9



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Our name SUPERIOR began servicing Swift Current and surrounding area in the summer of 1979.

Superior Small Engine Repair was born and located at 1509 Cheadle Street West in Swift Current.

We began the business by working on lawn and garden equipment.

Being that we rented the space from Rusty’s Transport, they started us working on vehicles which was a blessing at that time so within two years we decided to change the name to:


The proprietor is a  journeyman heavy duty mechanic, holds degrees in automotive, industrial equipment,  air conditioning as well as many certifications in small engines.

Superior Engine Repair began to grow and flourish in different areas; sales and service for golf carts, the automotive industry, as well as lawn and garden.  By 1986 we had outgrown our first location, and moved to a new location.


1385 Chaplin Street West in Swift Current.  We called this home for the next seven years.  This is where family, four brothers and one brother in law working together grew the business. We trained many mechanics starting there successful careers, as we strive to satisfy the needs of clientele.

In 1993 Superior underwent a massive change.  Because of the time required to excel at each facet of the business – which was overwhelming, we decided a division was essential.  The automotive service side of the business was sold to one of the family members “NORMAN” and became “Fehr’s Automotive,”

Lloyd, Seymour and Superior Engine Repair moved to its next location at 127 – 8th Ave. N.W., Swift Current. Here for the next 17 years we enjoyed serving our friends and trying to cater to all their needs. We would try helping with any mechanical problem from an electric shaver that was needed first thing in the mornings or a dough mixer from a local restaurant.  But we tried hard to excel in other fields.  In winter, the remote car starters became the an important part of business which Lloyd excelled, and in summer, lawn, garden and golf carts took over.  The system worked well for many years, it kept our employees working.  This fact I believe is the reason we had such a great staff, business dedicated to them and they to the business.  As time past, the business continued to thrive.   Electronics, as well as training highly qualified staff, have been a passion at Superior.  We trained many career-minded students/employees that have gone on to successful lives and careers.  We are very proud of this accomplishment, and the place we have held within Swift Current and area.  Many years were spent building a very good reputation.  Here is also the place where Seymour had made special bonding by working together with his children, after schools and summer holidays.  They fitted in very well with the staff and friends, and became a part of us all, it was a very special time that most can only dream about.



By 2009 change was again in the air,  31 years at the wheel it was time to let others work the helm.  Superior Engine Repair   was sold .


The name Superior Engine Repair was left behind, and the new name:



Golf carts, rentals, and sales becoming our new focus of business.  With this new direction came more building that we provide storage, and opportunity to others to conduct their businesses. We are in the process of creating more storage for golf carts and other vehicles that need storage.  We have developed and moved into our newest building, larger than any of the others – but still we seem to be running out of our space.  

I have not retired, but changed my career, so I do not have to work 16 hour days now if I don’t desire too.  Changes are happening quickly these days. 

“Special thanks to all my Friends/Customers

that stuck with me all these years.”

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